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As the dark saga of Norman Bates’ younger years continues, more bizarre details surface regarding his aberrant relationship with his mother, Norma, and the traumas that would lead him to become a psychotic killer. New Releases This Week

Based on a John le Carré novel, this taut spy thriller follows an English couple’s deadly entanglement with a desperate Russian mobster who solicits their help in negotiating sanctuary with British intelligence authorities. New Releases This Week

Set in the 1980s, this engaging biopic chronicles the story of the infamous Bill “Spaceman” Lee, an eccentric, mercurial baseball pitcher known as much for his on- and off-field antics as for his skills on the mound. New Releases This Week

One man does all he can to veil his Asian heritage; the other takes great pains to hide his sexual orientation. Both of these things begin to change when Ryan is hired to prepare film star Ning for a fashion shoot, and the men develop a bond. New Releases This Week

When schoolteacher Ray relocates to a small Texas town, he’s soon fired for being gay. To exact revenge on the nasty homophobes, Ray returns as his outspoken drag queen alter ego, Bianca, and sows trouble all over town. New Releases This Week

Setting his sights on the magical kingdom of Hollywood, a young man migrates to Los Angeles in the 1930s and is swiftly drawn into the social whirlpool of the young and beautiful — all pursuing their own visions of success. New Releases This Week

Barbie and her sisters discover everything’s better when you do it together in this splashy, sun-kissed adventure! After the girls and their pets arrive at an island paradise for Chelsea’s big dance competition, they decide to make a quick side trip to see the nearby Dancing Horse Festival. But when their furry friends go missing at the event, it’s up to the sisters to find them before Chelsea’s show. While […]

As the Civil War rages on, Mississippi farmer Newton Knight, his neighbors and a ragtag group of slaves band together and lead Jones County to secede from the Confederacy, establishing a mixed-race free state in the heart of the South. New Releases This Week

While Jack and Elizabeth find their renewed bond tested by difficult issues facing the town, Abigail has to contemplate the potential effect of her surprise encounter on New Year’s Eve. New Releases This Week

Having survived their third-anniversary cruise, Mike and Molly begin a fourth year of wedded bliss surrounded by the same zany crew that’s been with them all along: Mike’s partner and best pal, Carl; Molly’s party-girl sister, Victoria; and others. New Releases This Week