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After delivering the weapons that will end World War II, the “USS Indianapolis” crew is denied the celebration of a mission accomplished when their ship is sunk by the Japanese. Stranded at sea, the survivors face hunger, thirst and shark attacks. New Releases This Week

Though blessed with ballet skills that brought him global fame, Sergei Polunin had misgivings about the meaning and worth of stardom. At the age of 25, he abandoned the dance world — a decision he candidly reflects on in this immersive documentary. New Releases This Week

Sequel to the Academy Award nominated film that goes behind the scenes of the high-octane world of competitive penguin surfing. This extreme sports adventure reunites the favorite characters from the original film and amps up the action and spectacle with the inclusion of five fan-favorite WWE® Superstars!Cody and Chicken Joe are back on an adventure that takes them surfing with the Hang Five dream team voiced by your favorite WWE […]

Asked to defend a 17-year-old accused of murdering his wealthy father, attorney Richard Ramsay begins to unearth unsavory details about the victim. Believing that his client is hiding something, Richard enlists a young lawyer to dig deeper. New Releases This Week

After becoming sheriff of a small town on the U.S.-Mexico border, Wallace must turn to his retired predecessor for help investigating a botched cartel deal. Soon, they find themselves on the hunt for a cartel butcher who’s been terrorizing residents. New Releases This Week

Hired by a suave con man, young street-thief Sook-hee secures employment as a handmaiden for wealthy but reclusive heiress Lady Hideko. But the pair’s plan to steal her fortune becomes complicated when Lady Hideko falls in love with Sook-hee. New Releases This Week

Hoping to revive their dying marriage, Dana and Dave move into a large but rundown country house. While renovating, Dana finds a secret room in the attic and unlocks the door, releasing angry spirits and dredging up a connection to her bloody past. New Releases This Week

When David’s alluring but enigmatic girlfriend disappears without warning, he quickly sets about looking for her. But as he follows her traces, David realizes she’s not at all the person he thought she was. New Releases This Week

When a viral outbreak in South Korea produces hordes of undead mutants on the streets of Seoul, residents try to escape by piling aboard an express train headed south. But the ride becomes a battle for survival after zombies appear on the train. New Releases This Week

Two decades after being wrongly imprisoned, Mo Lundy struggles to adjust to life in the outside world but finds purpose in his job at an animal shelter. Soon, however, his growing involvement with a battered woman puts his freedom in jeopardy. New Releases This Week