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In a tiny Texas town where the residents are under the thrall of a man called the Preacher, locals begin to disappear. When their bodies begin to wash up on the shores of the Rio Grande, it’s time for Texas Ranger David Kingston to intervene. New Releases This Week

After leading a bank heist that results in a U.S. marshal’s death, veteran outlaw Henry and his gang head toward Mexico. With a bounty hunter on their trail, they hole up at an isolated home in the borderlands, where unexpected events ensue. New Releases This Week

After a chance urban encounter, U.S. expatriate Josh and Chinese-American Ruby, on her first visit to Hong Kong, soon find their way into each other’s hearts as they wander together through the city’s exotic and mysterious neighborhoods. New Releases This Week

When the clown he hired for his son’s birthday party fails to show up, Kent McCoy dons a clown suit from his attic to entertain. But after the party, he’s unable to remove the costume and soon begins to feel a murderous spirit taking control of him. New Releases This Week

Living beyond the reach of “civilized” society, a community of drifters, drug addicts and disillusioned veterans hang on together amid poverty and frustration, sharing a bitter awareness that the U.S. government and society have left them behind. New Releases This Week

This absorbing biopic recounts the life of self-taught Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, who made his way to Trinity College at Cambridge in 1913 and rose to prominence under the tutelage of renowned math professor G.H. Hardy. New Releases This Week

In early 20th-century Scotland, farmer’s daughter Chris Guthrie dreams of making her way in the world, but life has other plans for her. When a series of tragedies leaves Chris in charge of the land, she rises to the challenge. She even finds love. New Releases This Week

Young Jo (Rita Tushingham) struggles to survive a series of hard knocks in Tony Richardson’s realistic tale of working-class life in 1960s England. Abandoned by her alcoholic mother (Dora Bryan), Jo is taken in by a kindly gay friend (Murray Melvin), who nobly sets about creating an unconventional family when the girl discovers she’s pregnant. But plans for a happy home fall apart when Jo’s wretched, parasitic mum shows up. […]

After serving time in lockup for insider trading, corporate tycoon Michelle Darnell sets out to reshape her public image. But her hilarious attempts at forgiveness make it difficult to find redemption. New Releases This Week

Although Maggie may not be able to sustain a romantic relationship, she has the rest of her life figured out. But just when she’s ready to roll with her plan to have a sperm-donor baby, Maggie meets the man of her dreams. New Releases This Week