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NASA’s Mars Orbiter detect the carbon dioxide ice on the surface of the red planet. The Mars Orbiter Reconnaissance has detected the formation of carbon dioxide ice on the ground at night times. This happens more often in the mid latitude region than in the polar regions of the Red planet. Thin layers of ice are formed over night on the ground in the dusty areas making these areas so frigid. The Mars Orbiter has been observing the planet since 2006. 0

Mid latitude regions are much colder over night that in Polar regions

The Carbon dioxide is not present for the summer, The dusty areas in the mid latitude regions become so cold like the polar regions in winter. This phenomenon is found to happen in some areas of the equatorial region even in the summer. The frost formed is evaporated when the sunlight fall on the area. Carbon dioxide is present abundant in the Mars atmosphere. Frozen form of carbon dioxide can be found in the polar regions of the Red planet.

Mid latitude regions face maximum temperature in the day time

The temperature falls to a very minimum that the region begins to get colder and start freezing the surface. It is found out that the temperatures are much colder in the mid latitude regions over nights than the temperature at the poles. The same mid latitude regions face the maximum temperatures in day time. This phenomenon is considered to be strange.

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