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Amazon is the popular eCommerce website. Amazon uses robots to simplify the jobs. A robotic arm is speeding up the process of work in Amazon. The Team Delft’s robot arm outscored its rivals. The eCommerce website uses robots in shifting products from one place to another but relies on humans for arranging in the shelves. The new robot has won the Amazon’s warehouse bot competition. These type of robots can be useful in various other business operations.


Stowing of Products from the Plastic container to the Shelves

The Team Delft’s robot contains a suction pump, a two fingered holder to hold the products and a 3D depth sensing cameras to identify the products and place it in the appropriate position. The robot had a challenge of stowing forty different items which included products of various shapes, quality and sizes. All the different items were put into a plastic container. The robot had the task of stowing up the products and place them in the shelves.

Picking of products from the shelves and place in the boxes

The second task was picking of the different products from the shelves and to be placed in boxes. There were other robots also participating in the challenge but the Team Delft’s robot succeeded by performing correctly beating the teams from Japan and the US. According to the studies by the Oxford university, the robots would perform the jobs in future.


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