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The popular Chinese eCommerce web store released its first Android based Cars. The web based company has unveiled RX5 a connected car. This specialized car has been manufacture by the Chinese vehicle manufacturers SAIC Motor Corporation. According to the local press reports the company has been involved for more than two years in the process of developing an innovative car with the best technology available. This innovative approach has become a success and appreciation.


RX5 to be on roads from August this Year

RX5 has a price tag of USD 22,000 and the deliveries are proposed to be in the month of August this year. The astonishing features of the vehicle includes the latest version of the Yun operating system, the user can be connected with various digital services through OS like greetings when entering the car, using Alipay to fill the gas tank.

RX5 has no self driving function

RX5 does not have self driving system. RX5 will be supported by cloud based platform which  enables it to perform its specialized functions. It has three LED screens, a smart rear view mirror, and an intelligent navigating system. The car can be fitted with four detachable cameras to record the videos or click pictures. Business researchers predict that by the year 2021 it is estimated that 381 million connected cars to be on road. The connected cars are becoming popular across the globe because of its distinct features.


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