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It is well known to us that the existing smartphones need a WiFi connections of other modes of internet connection for the operation. A Singapore based startup Igloohome has invented a smart digital lock which possess a remote pin code function and does not rely on any of the internet platforms. This is an innovative approach in the field of technology. The smart lock is able to function at places where there in no Internet stability. (1)

Smartlock to be useful in places with unstable internet connectivity

The smart idea behind the lock is that  a formula has been set up both in the smart lock and the app for easy understanding each other without a connectivity.  The lock is considered to be very useful in places where there is unstable internet connectivity and for the outdoor places like beaches, parks, etc. Igloohome smart lock is also integrated with Airbnb and this is an advantage to the user.

Smartlock technology to be more helpful in hotel and health care industry

The other feature of the smartlock is that it accepts the Bluetooth mode of access, The user can use their smartphone to get through. The property owners can access the details of the persons, the time and date of who entered the property by logging on to the igloohome mobile app. The technology is helpful in the hotel and health care industry. Igloohome has an affordable price marked for their smart lock which makes it popular all around the world




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